Welcome to Roadline:
Your Trusted Choice in the Heavy Automotive World

At Roadline, we transcend the experience with a bold vision and an unwavering commitment to quality in the heavy automotive universe. Founded by an experienced and dedicated team, we have consolidated our position in just three years, challenging the leading brands of wheels and brake linings in the market.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

Our journey is guided by an uncompromising commitment to quality. Through detailed research of national and international suppliers, we identify and engage the best industrial partners. We develop high-quality and durable parts tailored to the demands of the heavy-duty vehicle sector.

Strategic Infrastructure:

In 2010, we strengthened our logistical efficiency by relocating our distribution center to Palhoça-SC. Strategically located near BR-101 and BR-282 highways, this center not only streamlines distribution but also houses our administrative and customer service departments.

Commitment to Customers:

At Roadline, we understand that strictly meeting customer requirements is more than a differentiator; it is our core commitment. From operational agility to transparency in relationships, from friendly service to the value of long-lasting partnerships, each interaction reflects our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission:

We envision being a business reference in the automotive sector, backed by the recognition and trust of our customers. Our mission goes beyond business: providing a healthy work environment for employees, excellent customer service, developing partnership relationships with suppliers, social inclusion in the community, and environmental preservation.

Personalized Service Beyond Expectations:

At Roadline, we not only provide high-quality automotive products but also set a high standard for personalized service. From order registration to product delivery, we are committed to exceeding expectations, offering customized solutions and special operations according to customer needs.

Choose Roadline – where experience meets innovation, and trust meets excellence. We are ready to propel your journey in the heavy automotive universe.

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